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Prophet Training for Non-Profits (Coming End of May)

Publish Date: Apr 13, 2018

Session 1:

The Purpose and Structure of a Non-Profit Organization/Ministry

Many pro-life groups and ministries struggle with why they exist. Choosing priorities and goals requires clear thinking about your organization and your community. Scott shares what to consider when choosing a purpose for your local ministry and how local ministries can structure their organization for long-term success.

Session 2:
Recruiting, Mentoring Staff and Growing your Organization

How can ministries and other organization grow well? It begins with staff. Scott discusses ways organizations can identify key positions to fill, choose new staff and mentor those staff.

Session 3:
Speaking up, Speaking well:

Scott discusses important tools for any speaker to use when speaking in public. He discusses the importance and need for effective public speakers in advocacy and ministry work.

Session 4:

Fundraising as Ministry

Scott discusses the need to see fundraising as an essential element of ministry and provides fundraising strategies to help grow your team.